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Frequently Asked Qusetions.
Q1. I am getting poor quality images from the printer, how can I tell if it is a problem with the printer or a problem with the toner cartridge?
Ans:- Change the toner cartridge and print several pages. If the problem persists, it is most likely a service problem with the printer. If the problem goes away, it is most likely a problem with the toner cartridge.
Q2. My printer says "LOW TONER" and I just put a new toner cartridge in - What should I do?
Ans:- Have you ever put a "new" cartridge in the machine and the low toner light goes on. You may have mistakenly put an empty cartridge in the machine. If your office is like most, the toner cartridge is usually stacked near the printer. Mark your boxes as empty to avoid the frustration of running out of toner when you have to get that document printed!
Q3. Small black dots?
Ans:- The HP Laserjet II/III model has a habit of vibrating the inside screws to the point that they will fall off into the cartridge. If you've ever seen a horizontal white line in the center of the page-it's probably a loose screw in the cartridge shutter.
Q4. How Do I Know the Imaging Unit Needs to be Replaced?
Ans:- A large screen appears across the normal user display of the copier. The message reads “Replace Black Imaging Unit Soon”. This message is persistent.

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